Fixing LocalHost Authentication problem in Mozilla Firefox

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When i was trying My First LightSwich application in Web i faced this problem so many time when browsing for first time. Then i thought it would by the internal authentication in LightSwitch application i searched for it in the MSDN as well but then i came to knew that this was the browser configuration settings.

I could load sites from http://localhost in MSIE, but whenever I tried FireFox, it asked me for an user name and password. I've tried it all but I couldn't authenticate.
If you happen to have the same problem, here's a quick and simple workaround:
  1. In Firefox type about:config in the addressbar
  2. Find the preference named network.automatic-ntlm-auth.trusted-uris
  3. Doubleclick and type localhost
  4. Enter and you're done

ravi tuwar


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