Crystal Report trick

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Hi friends comes with new trick for crystal report lovers.

here i am going to share the tip to show the records in crystal report horizontally..

For example i want to show these records in the following manner in report

Records in table:

Name    Surname
Ravi Tuvar
Rajesh Patel
Mahesh Mehta
Rohan Kapur

and it should be displayed in crystal report like this

Name   -Ravi Name   -Mahesh
Surname-Tuvar Surname-Mehta

Name   -Rajesh Name   -Rohan
Surname-Patel Surname-Kapur

Then how can i do it..

so here is the simple tip..

First after binding the crystal report set the fields Name and Surname in detailed section..

Name   - ValueName
Surname- ValueSurname

Then follow these steps..

 a) Right click on top of "Section3 (Details)" on the report, select "Section Expert..."

    b) On "Section Expert" window (the "Details" section is already highlighted) untik all the checkboxes on "Common" tab

   c) Tick the "Keep Together" checkbox and "Format with Multiple Columns",

       once you tick the "Format with Multiple Columns", a new tab as "Layout" is displayed

   d) Click on the "Layout" tab and set the "Width" for "Detail Size:" (in my case 0.950) and

       set the "Vertical" for "Gap Between Details:" (in my case 0.100)

   e) select the "Accross then Down" radio button from "Printing Direction:" and click on the "OK" button....


ravi tuwar


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